Universal Viral Transport System

AKA:Disposable Sampler, Single Use Specimen Container

This Product is manufactured under the Chinese Medical Device standard.

With GMP/ISO 13485:2016 Certificate. EU CE declaration of conformity.

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Various specification available. 

This Product ships Globally. Please contact us for more information.

1、The preservation tube is made of medical-grade PP materials.
2、The swab consists of a polypropylene fiber head and a plastic rod.

The product is intended for sample collection, transportation, storage, etc.

Applicable organization:
Hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, third-party testing centers, etc.


  • Throat swab kit:1  throat swab+5ml tube with 2.0ml medium
  • Nasal swab kit:1 nasal throat swab +10 or 12ml tube with 3ml medium

Storage: Ambient Storage.

Shelf life: 12-18 months.

1、Easy to operate and ready to use;
2、The preservation solution poses a function of inactivation;

Nasal VTM kit

Nasal VTM kit