Flocked swabs

Flocked swabs are sterile and ready-for-use systems intended for clinical samples drawing. The swab is suitable for short contact with the human body.Product should be used as directed.
We can offer both throat swabs and nasopharyngeal swabs.Our swab is made by medical ABS plastic stick and Nylon flocked head,individual wrap package,sterile. we also have rayon swabs.
specimen collection kit /Viral transport medium (VTM)is also available. click here to download our Insert. 
welcome to contact us for more details. We have various packing specification,
Specification 1:

Product NameNasal swabsProduct NameThroat swabs
Catalog No.8100601 Catalog No.8100602
MaterialsNylon Flocked tip with ABS handleMaterialsNylon Flocked tip with ABS handle
PackageIndividual wrap,2000 pcs/cartonPackageIndividual wrap,2000 pcs/carton
Carton size51.5cm*31.5cm*21cmCarton size51.5cm*31.5cm*21cm
Gross weight3.4KgGross weight4.15Kg


  1. Nasal swabPosition head slightly back,Gently insert the swab into the nostril.Keep the swab near the septum floor of the nose while gently pushing the swab into the post nasopharynx. As a visual reference,the swab should be inserted about half the distance from the opening of the patient’s nostril and the ear.When the swab is in place, rotate in a circular motion gently against the nasopharyngeal mucosa for 10–15 seconds then gently remove swab.
  1. Throat swab: Position head slightly back.Depress the tongue so that the back of the throat can be seen.Rub the swab up and down against the back of the throat, avoiding the tongue and cheeks.


Store the Swab at 2-30℃. If the product is stored at a different temperature, it would not maintain the stated specifications.

Throat swabs:



A nasopharyngeal swab (or nasopharyngeal culture) is a method for collecting a clinical test sample of nasal secretions from the back of the nose and throat. The sample is then analyzed for the presence of organisms or other clinical markers for disease. This diagnostic method is commonly used in suspected cases of whooping cough, diphtheria, influenza, and various types of diseases caused by the coronavirus family of viruses, including SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.

Nasopharyngeal swab

Nasopharyngeal swab

Similar in concept to the cotton swab, a swab used for nasopharyngeal collection constitutes a narrow stick made of a short plastic rod that is covered, at one tip, with adsorbing material such as cotton, polyester, or flocked nylon. The swab material used for a particular diagnostic application may vary based on the test type. Some research has shown that flocked swabs collect a larger volume of the sample material, when compared to fiber swabs.